In partnership with Z-Systems, GSS has developed guided surgery protocols specifically for use with Z-Systems instrumentation to ensure the most safe, accurate, and efficient placement of ceramic implants.


Both Z-Systems protocols developed by GSS guide the depth and trajectory of the osteotomy to the planned implant position allowing for direct transfer of the surgical plan to the operating room.

Guided Pilot Hole Protocol

Initial osteotomy is guided via direct insert of the Rose Drill and 2.3 mm Twist Drill through a single surgical guide.

Sequential Guide Protocol

A series of sequential guides to gradually increase the osteotomy width; each accommodating direct insert of a specific drill in the drilling sequence.

Each case is custom designed in accordance with the patient’s anatomy, intended surgical plan, and planned postoperative restoration. Additionally, the surgeon has the freedom to choose the guided surgery protocol that best suits the patients needs.


You can use the following link to schedule a demo meeting with one of our planning engineers to further review the protocols, guide options and pricing, and plan a mock-case: 

GSS Digital Dentistry Scheduling Link

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