The GSS Difference


By utilizing state of the art surgical planning software & 3D printing technology for all our Digital Dentistry services and offerings, Guided Surgical Solutions ensures the direct transfer of preliminary treatment plan to operating room. Each procedure is more predictable, resulting in the best possible aesthetic and functional result for your patient.

Efficient and repeatable workflows for both surgeon and staff allow for quick case turnaround with option to 3D print parts directly in your office. As a standard, every case includes:

  • Preparation of patient data

  • Virtual treatment planning session with GSS Biomedical Engineer

  • Patient-specific surgical guide

  • Case Report highlighting case information and surgical plan

  • 3-Day Express Shipping

Every case planned with Guided Surgical Solutions is all-inclusive. In addition, we have ability to provide customized services and products unique for each case type and patient:

  • There is no additional software purchase or knowledge required. Our team of engineers will prepare your patient’s data in a surgical planning software for the virtual treatment webmeeting.

  • Surgical guides are priced based on size - quadrant or full arch – not number of implant sites. The quadrant guides wrap through the midline and/ or at least 3 teeth on either side of the implant site(s).

  • Each guide is customizable to your preferred implant/ drilling system

  • Ability to do a “sleeveless” protocol: direct insertion of guided drill spoon into surgical guide, eliminating the need for additional metal sleeve inserts.

  • If a patient requires guides in more than 2 quadrants, the cost per additional guide is lowered.


Pay per surgical guide, not implant site


Customizable to preferred implant or drill system


Patient-specific design features for increased functionality and ease-of-use